The Top 2 Benefits Of High Intensity Training

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So.  Last month, the news reported some pretty depressing news.  They were referring to a new study that said middle-aged women should workout every day for 1 hour just to maintain their current body weight.

When I saw this report I about spit up milk out of my mouth all over my dad! forskolin

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was, “Why don’t ya just discourage more women from exercising by telling them they should exercise 7 hours a week and all they get to do is to stay the same?  That sounds more like torture to me!” forskolin

Who are they kidding?  Who has an extra 7 hours a week lying around the house?  Not me.  And probably not you. garcinia cambogia

As I re-read the article just to make sure me peepers weren’t deceiving me, I noticed something that I didn’t see the first time I read it.  It said that the participants in the study worked out at a ‘moderate’ intensity.  And for laboratory scientist who’ve probably only been to the gym about 3.14 times in their lives, I’m guessing ‘moderate’ had something to do with pink dumbbells and elliptical machines. make lash opinie

In my years of working with women wanting to lose weight, I’ve found that nothing short of intense is effective.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. And you want to know what?  Get over it!

You’ve already seen what an hour a day of moderate will get you – the same you.  No worse, but certainly no better.  And I think we can all agree that anything less than moderate will yield even less impressive results.  So what does that leave us with?

You guessed it.  High intensity, baby!

The  top 2 benefits of high intensity workouts are:

1. Less time in the gym

No more 1 hour, 7 days a week junk.  How does 45 minutes, 3-4 days a week work for you?  Much better, right?  When you train at a higher intensity, your body’s metabolism can be elevated for up to 36 hours after your workout.  That means that high intensity training will have you burning extra calories and burning more fat, even while you’re sleeping!

2. Build more muscle

The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn during and after your workouts.  A moderate intensity workout just won’t stimulate your body to build muscle as well as a high intensity workout will.

As well, the more muscle you have, the better shape your body has.  Fat has, well, no shape.  It just sits there.  And jiggles.  Kind of like Jell-O.  Not exactly the image of sexy.  It’s muscle that gives you that lean, tone appearance.  It’s muscle that makes you look good when you’re showing off your beach body.

And let’s face it.  When most people say that they workout for the ‘health benefits’,  they’re usually lying.  The truth is, they want to look good!  Who doesn’t?  Certainly nothing wrong with wanting to look good.  Put on some muscle and you will too.

What’s that?  What does ‘intense’ mean?  It means that your workout should be uncomfortable on some level.  Physically, mentally, it doesn’t matter.  You just need to pushing yourself past your comfort zone.  That’s when the real change occurs.  Just like any other thing you’ve ever done in your life.  And trying to lose weight is certainly no different.

So there you have it.  It’s pretty simply.  When you workout, give it all you can for 45 intense minutes, 3-4 times a week.  Build muscle, get strong, and while you’re at it, lose a lot of fat.  Sounds good to me.

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05 2010

Spot Reduction Is A Lie!

It’s nice to think about.  I’m sure even you’ve thought about it before.  Being able to simply exercise a certain body part a lot, and lose fat in that area.  How many pieces of late-night T.V. infomercial junk have we been exposed to over the years that have promised us this.  From the Thigh Master to the Ab Dolly to creams that’ll melt the fat off wherever you rub it in, we’ve all been lied to.  I know, I know.  How could Suzanne Somers have lied to me…I thought we were friends?!

Whether it’s your love handles, or flabby arms, or your inner thighs, we’ve had an endless list of D-list celebrities/pseudo-act-like-they-know-what-they’re-talking-about-wanna-be-fitness-experts hock us the cheesiest gadgets.  And who could blame ‘em?  The scam works every time and they end up making 6 or 7 figures in the process.  When will we ever learn?

Someday, you’re gonna have to face the facts – you can’t spot reduce.

So the logical question is, “Why can’t I spot reduce?”

The answer is pretty simple really.  Your body loses weight proportionally.  When you lose 2% body fat from your arms, you’ll lose 2% body fat around your waist.

Think of a bath tub.  Now take a cup and scoop out some water.  Is there a “hole” where you scooped the water from?  Of course not.  The level of the water drops as a whole, not just from one spot.  And so it is with the body.  When we lose a pound of fat, that pound came from everywhere in your body, not just from one spot.

While this may not be what you want to hear,  this is actually a good thing!  Now you don’t have to waste your time doing 500 crunches in hopes of losing fat in just your abs.  Instead, you can focus your time on exercises that actually build muscle and burn more calories.

But the reality of fat loss is much more than just the exercises you do.  In fact, about 80% of your fat loss success has nothing to do with exercise at all, and has absolutely nothing to do with the gym.  Your success will be determined in the…kitchen!

That’s right.  Your diet is what will either make or break your fat loss success.  Simply put, you can’t out-train a crappy diet!  Damn those laws of thermodynamics!

If you exercise 5 days a week, and burn 3500 calories in that time, while still going out to eat or drink 3-5 times a week, you’re not gonna lose any weight.  And if you do, it’s gonna take forever!

Until you’ve got your diet under control, don’t expect to reach your goals any time soon.

By now you’re probably saying to yourself, “so what do I eat then?”

The diet I recommend for fat loss is so simple, a caveman could do it.

In fact, that’s exactly the type of diet I recommend.  The caveman diet.  Best part is, you don’t need a huge forehead to do it!

For me, the caveman diet is pretty easy.  You only eat what a caveman would be exposed to.  Meats of all kinds, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and water.  The closer to Mother Nature, the better.  If it comes in a box, has ingredients you can’t pronounce, or is processed in any way, it’s a no-no.

Now, I know what your thinking.  “I don’t see dairy/chocolate/favorite dessert on this menu!”

Well, first off, cavemen didn’t have access to that kind of food.  And second, we’re talkin’ about fat loss!  If that’s what you want, do it.  No excuses.  No shortcuts.  Simply set your mind on your goal and follow through.

Besides, it’s not for the rest of your life.  Just until you’ve reached your goals.  Then you can have a little more room to add in those “cheat” foods.  But until then, no cheat meals.  They just serve to detract you from what’s important – reaching your goals.

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05 2010

3 Tips To Cure Your Headache

Headaches.  They can hurt all over.  Your temples, your forehead, heck, even your eyeballs can all feel like there’s a vice squeezing your head.  And for the unfortunate, other symptoms like nausea, dizziness and sound/light sensitivity can really make a bad day worse.  Most of you just suffer, pop some pills, and hope it goes away.

But there is a lot you can do to prevent and treat those headaches besides just taking “Tension Headache” medication.  Here are 3 easy to follow tips that will help cure your headaches once they have already started.

1. The essential oil Peppermint or Menthol – This little known oil, and it’s active ingredient menthol, has been known for years to help treat headaches, and now there’s clinical evidence to back it up.  Just published this year in the Journal of Clinical Practice, Peppermint was found to help relieve headaches in a study that had 118 participants.  When given menthol during the headache attack,  participants reported less pain after two hours, as well as a decrease in other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and light/sound sensitivity.

Treatment is really easy.  Simply apply the peppermint or menthol to the temples and the back of the neck after cleaning the area with tap water.

How much do you use?  With oils, a little goes a long way, so just a drop at each site.   Is this you?

This is a simple and very cheap alternative to aspirin and it smells good too!

2. Massage those tight muscles – Most people assume that if your head hurts, rub your head.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Here it is…when muscles experience pain, they do something with it that is quite odd.  They “refer” the pain to somewhere else.  Let me explain.

Most of you are probably familiar with the stories of people having a heart attack complaining of pain running down their arms and into their backs.  Even though it’s the heart that’s having the problem, the pain is “referred” to  and experienced in these areas.  While the heart is made up of a different kind of muscle than the ones that you try and show off, it’s still a muscle.

Well, your muscles do the same thing.  So when you’re experiencing a “tension headache,” what you’re really feeling is the “referred” pain from muscles that are actually far from the place you’re feeling the pain.

A classic example of this is when you’re feeling your headache in your “temples,” the area on the side of your head, just behind the eyes.  You can rub your temples all day long and it still won’t take care of that headache.  Why?  Because the source of that headache is usually coming from the trapezius muscle, which is located between your neck and your shoulders.  Massage this muscle and give it some TLC for a few minutes.  Massage the area as best you can by pinching, squeezing and pressing, trying to find the spot that gives you the most relief.

Each different area of your head that hurts is probably pain being referred by a different muscle.  If you’d like to know more about this topic, or would like professional help to treat your tension headaches, contact me.

3. Now let’s stretch those tight muscles – After a good massage, you’ve got to stretch those muscles out.  In fact, stretching is almost as good as massage in the treatment of headaches.

Stretch your neck and shoulder muscles on all four sides (front, back, and both sides) to get the most relief.

To stretch the muscles on the front of your neck, slowly and gently tilt your head back and look up at the sky.  To create a little more stretch, gently push on the bottom of your chin as if to help you look even higher.

Next, to stretch the muscle on the back of your neck, drop your chin to your chest and lightly pull your head down further by resting your hands on the back of your head.  Don’t pull too hard as this can make things worse.  Simply let the weight of your hands do the work.

Now, to stretch the side of your neck, tilt your head sideways, ear to shoulder, without lifting the shoulder on the opposite side.  Also try to avoid lifting the shoulder to the ear.  Don’t forget to stretch both sides.

Hold these stretches for about 30-60 seconds and do each stretch 3-4 times.  Try not to strain to stretch because that, well, kind of defeats the goal of relaxation.

So there you go.  While there are many things that can help treat an active headache, these 3 tips are the most effective, cheap, and easy for you to implement.

Let me know how you feel after you use these techniques.  Hope you feel better!

Next time, I’ll let you know about the top 3 tips on how to prevent those nasty headaches from showing up in the first place.

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Disclaimer—> First, see your doctor if you’re not sure of the origin of your headaches.  These techniques are intended to be used if you’ve been diagnosed with tension/muscular headaches.


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